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Nestled in the heart of the Monroe Hills, Silver Coyote Estates in a small batch, craft winery.  Instead of one or two large batches of wines produced every year, we make a large number of small batches, utilizing different yeasts and winemaking approaches.  We normally have 12 wines available for tasting, which makes wine tasting at Silver Coyote a unique experience.   We currently offer over 50 different estate wines, all produced in our state of the art winery located onsite.

All guests must be 21 years of age or older. 

2017 Dog Days Estate Pinot Noir - pH 3.60  Alc. 14.31%   This is one of the most unusual Pinot Noir wines made in the world.  In fact, we are unaware of any winery ever making a Pinot Noir in this particular style.  We designed this Pinot to be served cold, like you would a rose. It is on the lighter side of the Pinot Noir intensity scale, but still classifies as a full-bodied wine.  We used all our winemaking resources to make the smoothest wine possible, but with the most possible fruit-forward style that the grapes would allow. The first sip will give your mouth an explosion of cherry across the palate, with a brilliant, clean finish.  The temperature of the wine accentuates the fruit for an unparalleled warm afternoon wine experience.   When we say cold, we mean cold.  Put this wine in a bucket of ice!



2016 Private Reserve Pinot Noir - pH 3.76   Alc. 14.50%  This was our selection of “Private Reserve” for 2016.   This is the smoothest, most fruit-forward wine we have ever made.  We did not “cold process” the wine to remove tartaric acid crystals, so you may notice some “wine diamonds.”  We did not want to mess with the flavors. This wine has been referred to as “dangerous” by one of our wine club members.  We have a very limited number of cases left in stock.  Non-reductive aging to preserve the lovely balance of fruit.   This wine is a great example of the profound difference between traditional pressed wine and free-run.


sold out

2016 Cease and Desist! Reserve Pinot Noir -  pH 3.72  Alc. 14.93%   We will only tell you why we call our wine Cease and Desist when you visit our tasting room!  Our goal was to create a French-style Pinot Noir using our Northwest fruit.  We don’t normally irrigate our vines, but we did attempt to mimic the rainfall in the region of Chatequmeillant, France for this particular wine.  French wines from this area tend to be lighter, easy drinking wines without heavy fruit.  The French yeast which we sourced for this wine is recommended for long-term aging, so this wine should improve with time, probably peaking in around 2022.  It is delicious now and one of our favorites from 2016.


2016 Hang Time Syrah - pH 3.71  Alc. 14.12  This has been our best selling wine of 2018. This is a tough grape to grow in Western Oregon.  Although normally called Syrah in the US, our winemaking technique more closely resembles the Australian style, where the same grape is called Shiraz.   This is a naturally effervescent wine.  Has been referred to as “liquid candy” by more than one guest.   Free run.  Very, very limited quantities remain and we will not make this wine again.   


2016 Single Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir - pH 3.67  Alc. 13.67%   This wine was destined for a different blend.  However, the barrel it was aged in imparted a nearly otherworldly vanilla and nutmeg aroma to the wine, and we decided that it needed to be bottled right from the barrel.  Because we had experienced some rain prior to harvest, (you will note that the alcohol content is slightly lower), the sugar content of the grapes prior to harvest dropped from 25.60% to 23.42%.  To compensate, we used the ancient technique of “cap submersion” to bring out extra flavor during the fermentation. This wine keeps getting better..although it is great now, this is a wine that should continue to improve with age.    Very limited quantity available. 


Sold out

2016 Grand Reserve Pinot Noir -  pH 3.76  Alc. 14.50%   Our 2016 Private Reserve and Grand Reserve were fermented with a yeast Isolated, studied and selected from the prestigious Côte de Nuits terroir in Burgundy, France. The goal to create a complex and balanced Pinot Noir utilizing a French yeast with our Northwest Estate fruit was achieved, with the added benefit of fruit notes and tremendous aging potential.  Our Grand Reserve includes 25% French Oak blended with our Private Reserve.  Free run


Blackberry Cobbler Red Blend - pH 3.64  Alc. 13.87  This is our first off-dry red blend.  It is very young, but still has a remarkable amount of complexity, with blackberry and plum aromas.  It is very light for a red, owing to the yeast selection of the base wine in the blend.   This is our first release from the 2017 vintage.  Free run.  

2017 Afternoon Diversion -  pH 3.62  Alc. 13.99%    The label on this wine shows an actual radar image (courtesy of Flightaware.com) of an amazing storm which we flew through in early 2018.  The flight earlier in the day  had to make quite a stunning (and time-consuming) diversion to the south.  Hence the name.  This wine is a 50/50 blend of Shiraz and fantastically overripe Pinot Noir from the 2017 harvest.  We decided that American oak would give this wine the light oak flavors to enhance the roundness of the blend.  This is a lovely wine with food or on its own.  Absolutely one of the surprise favorites from the 2017 vintage.   Free run


2017 Home Sweet Home -  pH 3.71  Alc. 13.98%.  Home Sweet Home is our 2017 sweet red wine. We had a large number of customers ask for something a bit sweeter when we first opened our tasting room.  We had never planned on producing a sweet wine, but thought it worth some effort to create a free-run sweet red in the Silver Coyote style. A Pinot Noir-based red wine blend, this does not classify as a “dessert” wine, but is toward that end of the scale.  This is a tremendous after-dinner/dessert wine and pairs wonderfully with cake and pie.  This is also our “go to” wine in our own kitchen for making red wine reductions (and drinking while cooking) and is stunning with pot roast and steak.  If tasting wines, we HIGHLY recommend you have Blackberry Cobbler & Home Sweet Home “for dessert” as your palette will be hugely affected by the residual sugar in these wines. 


2017 Row 62 Red Blend - pH 3.68  Alc. 13.93%    Many of you who came over the summer of 2018 had a chance to try this little gem right from the barrel.  Row 62 is one of our longest rows, and contains a sample of all the red wine grape varieties that we grow in our vineyard.  Shiraz, Sangeovese, Regent, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  We created a nice balance of the varieties, and used a yeast noted for enhancing the subtle flavors in blends.  Row 62 was aged in a lovely French oak barrel.  The reductive effects of the barrel aging, oak addition, along with the yeast selection created something quite special.


2016 Howl at the Moon Pinot Noir - pH 3.78 Alc. 15.03%  This is our HUGE Pinot Noir from 2016.  The yeast we selected for this batch brings forth intense fruit and cherry notes, with hints of plum jam.  This wine was not barrel aged, as we believed that the reductive effect of barrel aging would dampen the brilliant fruit notes.  The fruit that made this wine was some of the most beautiful we have ever grown, and the fermentation was flawless.  Free run.  


2016 Jam Session White Blend - pH 3.15  Alc. 14.14%  This pre-fermentation blend of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewurztaminer, is crisp and mineral.  Also fermented with our favorite yeast isolated from Germany’s Rhone region.  Best served very cold (45 - 50 degrees is ideal)  Free run.  

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2016 Intertwined Red Blend - pH 3.72  Alc. 14.96%  This wine was made with one of our last harvested grapes from the 2016 season.  The sugar was incredibly high in the grapes, and we were concerned that the high alcohol content might distract from the fruit notes.  To compensate, we added a tiny amount of Gewurztraminer to the Pinot Noir prior to fermentation, which gives it a bit of an edge. We also used our favorite “fruit forward” yeast to bring out the fruit notes.  Free run.


sold out

N.W. Aviator’s Reserve - pH 3.74 Alc 13.90%   8 hours from throttle to bottle, but the reverse can be a much shorter time period!  This is a wine we made to celebrate the great tradition of N.W. aviation. A blend of estate Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.  This has become one of our most popular wines of the vintage.


2016 Blood Moon Dark Rose of Pinot Noir - pH 3.64 Alc. 14.67  Many of our wines are coyote & mooned themed, we decided to make a dark rose’ to celebrate the “blood moons” which passed over our vineyard during the 2016 growing season.  We left the wine to soak “on the skins” a bit longer than is customary for a rose’, and used our favorite German white wine yeast to bring out the fruity notes and ensure it would drink like a rose’, not a light Pinot Noir.  Free run.


2016 Medieval Red Blend - Alc. 14.51%   This is a robust blend of all of our red varietals, aged in French oak barrels and only minimally filtered.


2017 "Flamingo" Rose' of Pinot Noir - Our take on the classic European summer classic.  Free run.  Great color and flavor. 

sold out

2017 Weekday Red Pinot Noir   Alc  14.20%   Our goal with this wine was to create a "ferocious" Pinot Noir, for all the fans of a bolder wine.   This Pinot drinks more like a Cab, with pepper and spice notes..  We call it "Weekday Red" because weekdays can be ferocious, but feel free to drink it anytime.   Oh, and we liked the dragon art.  Solid Oregon Pinot Noir with a clean finish and lovely color.   Did we mention lovely color??  

Fourteen Red Blend  Alc/3.98%

Light, with a strong hind of cinnamon and nutmeg.  This wine is a blend of Pinot Noir and a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can pick either a red or black closure, depending on your betting preferences.  The wine is the same, but your odds are good either way.  This wine is fine now, and we think it will be much better in a year or two.  Depends on if you like this type of gamble. The buy-in is low, anyway.  

Old Brick Red - Alc/13.91%

We have no recollection of how we made this wine, kind of like how I don't remember what happened to my first "brick" cell phone.    Everyone seems to like it in our tasting room, and we only have about 15 cases left.    Seems to be a favorite among our high-tech crowd, interestingly enough.   Cheers!

2018 Purple Wave Estate Syrah - 13.09%

Our first release of 2018.  This is a tremendously smooth, low-tannin wine with a lovely fruit-forward character.  This was not barrel-aged, so it is not your traditional PNW-style Syrah.  It more closely mirrors its Australian Shiraz counterparts.

16 cases.  This is our June, 2020 release.

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