• Doug

2017 Bloom is wrapping this year!

Bloom was about 3 weeks behind 2015 and 2016, however it went from 1% cap fall to nearly complete in a matter of days. It looks like a very heavy fruit set, and the vines look very healthy. With the hot weather, the vine vigor is crazy! We have seen 5-6 inches of growth over the last couple of days.

The later harvest, hot-weather varieties (Syrah, Cab, Sangiovese) bloomed along with our Pinot Noir blocks (they are usually later) which bodes well for getting the grapes ripe before the fall rains kick in.

The second trellis wires are all up, and it is going to be time to hedge the tops of the rows in the new couple of days. Hot weather ahead...100 degrees predicted for the weekend. The grapes will love it.

2017 is going to be another FANTASTIC year for Oregon wine.

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