• Doug

The first of our SUPER-LONG fermentations is complete!

We took a huge risk this year and tried a very cool and slow fermentation of two of our wines from the 2017 harvest. We pulled the free-run juice off the skins early and cooled the wine down to 55 degrees....just enough for the yeast to keep working but only very slowly. Nothing beats a slow ferment but you run the risk of a sluggish or stuck fermentation which can be problematic. The first of our batches just finished yesterday, with a specific gravity dropping below 1.00. (It took over 6 weeks) The results are pretty dramatic...the flavors are much more complex and the wine should age very well. We look forward to sharing it with everyone in very late 2018. We have one 700 liter tank that is still bubbling away...we are optimistic that it will finish with no issues and be another delicious addition to the 2017 vintage. Cheers!


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