• Doug

Tasting room almost done.....Will be open in July

We've had a few construction delays, but we still plan to open our tasting room in July. We have our order of glasses in and ready to go. We decided on the stemless glasses in the photo, as we determined after looking at many manufacturers that these provide the best view of the color of our wine.

Vineyard Report - It looks like we are about one week ahead of 2017. This is proving to be a very similar year to 2016. We have been busy raising wires. The pre-bloom clusters are very heavy and the vines look very healthy. 2018 looks like it could be a FANTASTIC year for Oregon wines.....we are especially excited about our block of Shiraz which looks particularly great.

We will be bottling our 2017 wines over the next three months....we have some great wines with complex flavors that are aging nicely.

Hope to see you all soon!