Free run

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Our Pinot Gris, like all our wines, are all Estate grown on our 4 acres vineyard ust outside Monroe.


The grapes are crushed but not pressed, and the free run grape juice is fermented.  Because we don't press the grapes, we only get about 40% of the juice you would normally get from the grapes.


Our Pinot Gris is bold, crisp and delicious.   Alc/vol. 13.31%


If you are used to highly-processed wine, you may be surprised at the small amount of sediment in all of our wines, including our white wines. This is not a wine flaw! Fining agents and high levels of filtration have their place in modern winemaking. We believe that these processes rob the wine of subtle flavors which make our wine special. Cheers!

2016 Estate Pinot Gris