Home Sweet Home -  pH 3.71  Alc. 13.98%.  Home Sweet Home is our 2017 sweet red wine. We had a large number of customers ask for something a bit sweeter when we first opened our tasting room.  We had never planned on producing a sweet wine, but thought it worth some effort to create a free-run sweet red in the Silver Coyote style. A Pinot Noir-based red wine blend, this does not classify as a “dessert” wine, but is toward that end of the scale.  This is a tremendous after-dinner/dessert wine and pairs wonderfully with cake and pie. This is also our “go to” wine in our own kitchen for making red wine reductions (and drinking while cooking) and is stunning with pot roast and steak. If tasting wines, we HIGHLY recommend you have Blackberry Cobbler & Home Sweet Home “for dessert” as your palette will be hugely affected by the residual sugar in these wines.

2017 Home Sweet Home