2017 Dog Days Estate Pinot Noir - pH 3.60  Alc. 14.31%   This is one of the most unusual Pinot Noir wines we have ever made.   We designed this Pinot to be served cold, like you would a rose. It is on the lighter side of the Pinot Noir intensity scale, but still classifies as a full-bodied wine.  We used all our winemaking resources to make the smoothest wine possible, but with the most possible fruit-forward style that the grapes would allow. The first sip will give your mouth an explosion of cherry across the palate, with a brilliant, clean finish.  The temperature of the wine accentuates the fruit for an unparalleled warm afternoon wine experience.   When we say cold, we mean cold.  Put this wine in a bucket of ice!

Dog Days Pinot Noir