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2016 Single Barrel Reserve Pinot Noir - pH 3.67  Alc. 13.67%   This wine was destined for a different blend.  However, the barrel it was aged in imparted a nearly otherworldly vanilla and nutmeg aroma to the wine, and we decided that it needed to be bottled right from the barrel.  Because we had experienced some rain prior to harvest, (you will note that the alcohol content is slightly lower), the sugar content of the grapes prior to harvest dropped from 25.60% to 23.42%.  To compensate, we used the ancient technique of “cap submersion” to bring out extra flavor during the fermentation. This wine keeps getting better..although it is great now, this is a wine that should continue to improve with age.    Very limited quantity available. 


All Silver Coyote Wines are better when decanted because of the unique process we use to store and bottle our wines.  If you are used to highly-processed wine, you may be surprised at the sediment in all of our wines. This is not a wine flaw! Fining agents and high levels of filtration have their place in modern winemaking. We believe that these processes rob the wine of subtle flavors which make our wine special. Cheers!

Single Barrel Reserve 2016 Pinot Noir