Silver Coyote Estates Wine Club

See our FAQ section below for more details

Platinum Club -   

You can choose from reds only or a mix.  2 cases every six months.  20% off retail wine and tasting room prices.  Wine can be shipped via UPS in Oregon, or save the shipping and come out and see us at the winery.  We promise no doubles unless you ask, so every bottle will be different.  With over 50 wines, and more to come, we can guarantee you will always have something new unless you ask for a repeat!


Gold Club - 

Again, feel free to ask for all reds or a mix.  1 case every six months.  15% off retail wine and tasting room prices*.  Save the shipping and come see us, or we can deliver to any door in Oregon, as long as someone 21 years or older is there to sign.  As with all our clubs, you will not receive the same wine twice, unless you ask.


Silver Club -  


6 bottles every six months.  10% off retail wine prices* and all tasting room purchases. 

Bronze Club -

3 bottles every six months.  5% off retail wine prices and all tasting room purchases


Is there a cost to join?     No

Can I quit anytime?         Yes

Is there a fee to quit?      No

How do I join?    Either by email, phone or preferably in person!   You will receive your first shipment when you join.

When can I pick up my wine?  (See below)

If the wine club is full, will you make more wine?  No.  Once our club is full, we not have any more openings until someone leaves.

How does it work?  Your credit card on file will be billed about a week before pick up or before the wine is shipped.  You will receive an invoice showing what is on the way and when you can expect it to arrive.  UPS generally takes no longer than 3 days to deliver in Oregon, and normally it is either one or two days.  Someone will need to be home to sign for the package, so many of our guests have their wines

delivered to their work addresses.

2019 wine pick up weeks - 

September 28th - October 5th.  Come out for crush and check out our 2019 fermenting wines!

2020    March 6, 7,& 8

*Plus shipping.